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What we do

Your Own Address In Turkey for Buying from bricks-and-mortar stores or online stores that don't sell nor ship overseas.

Whether You can't find it or can't buy it anywhere online, We are your reliable agent to Get it and Ship it to you promptly.

How our services could save you headaches, time, and money?

By consolidating multiple packages from different Merchants in a Single Shipment you could save a lot of money.

we shall run a visual inspection to verify the Product is as you ordered.

The Issue with Buying Online.

AS you are aware that most of the online stores such as Amazon and e-bay are platforms where various vendors are selling multiple merchandises. although, platform’s companies vet those vendors and control the buyer and sellers through their various terms and conditions, yet it sometimes buyers faces multiple issues with those Vendors and this fact is applicable everywhere, therefore, obtaining our services would be invaluable option to help you smoothly acquire the Merchandise you want with no hassles.

How we Processs your orders


Upon receiving your purchased items from the Merchant(s), We would run a visual inspection to verify the Product is as ordered, and free from any visual damage.


Also, We may also inspect the Products as far as Size, Color, Material, Weight, and other vital visible or measurable features as described by the Merchant to you and verify the compliance.

Take action

If any discrepancy was found, then we shall inform you of such and get your instruction ” What to Do Next “. Return \ -Refund \ Exchange or as you see it viable to you.


If things all Ok, then we repackage your items and deliver them to the DHL or FedEx, or other courier services company and provide you with the Tracking Number 

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